Recoil Pads

Don't miss out on one of the most important aspects: how much you enjoy shooting with it. One of the major factors in having the perfect recoil pad is that it takes away the felt recoil. We have individual recoil pads or an entire buttstock to tame that recoil down.

Is Always Better

No matter how big the gun, how much powder packed into it, how much punch and punishment it gives, Limbsaver’s selection of Recoil Pads will definitely tame the beast.


The Perfect AR

Focus on the caliber. custom wildcats, accessories, the AR.
These decisions combine to how effective the firearm could be.


Limbsaver Recoil pads

are made of a special material called nav-com, designed to work right in the frequency spectrum range of recoil. It also has a one atmospheric air chamber system in it to take up to 70% of the felt recoil away. We’ve been able to ship millions of recoil pads worldwide, and our customers will tell you this is a product that really works.

We are proud of it and you should be too.


Be More

We are proud to honor and to support the men and women who serve us. Whether you’re out shooting for fun, or your life depends on it, we have products to help you.


True-Track Bipod

Limbsaver Bipods can canter your firearm to dead level, adjustable in length and position. Extremely light-weight.


Recoil Technology

On the back of your AR in seconds