LimbSaver PRECISION-FIT Recoil Pads

Our best seller to date.

This truly is plug and play. Installs in minutes.
Reduces up to 70% of the felt recoil.

Classic or AirTech, it's the same technology inside.
Use our list to find your specific firearm.


Our Classic and AirTech Recoil Pads Install in minutes. Plug & Play, they fit shotguns, rifles and muzzle loaders.


Slips over the end of your stock for dead-simple installation. Reduces up to 70% of the felt recoil. Pick from Classic & AirTech.


Finally a recoil pad specifically designed the AR platform. Attaches in minutes and reduces recoil by up to 70%.


Still looking for the perfect fit? Use our Grind-To-Fit Recoil Pads and get the best fit by grinding the fit specifically to your stock.