LimbSaver's Mission

At LimbSaver our mission is simple: Make superior quality products that work as they should!

It all started with an idea that was backed by science. Our goal was to become a technology company in the sporting goods industry. After more than 20 years on a developmental and expansive path, working on, and providing, products as OEM to companies and retailers in the industry; our mission has been to invent and manufacture products that work, that really work!

LimbSaver ardently strives to support our beloved customers to achieve the greatest results, at whatever they’re doing in the sportsman, hunting, competitive, and tournament etc., arena - or wherever else they find themselves. The aim is to add value, enhancing outdoor challenges and adventures! Perhaps this is your first introduction to LimbSaver, or you are a return costumer, utilizing our products for many years, either way we appreciate all of you for being here!!

LimbSaver is dedicated to making Products That Work!

Since 1991, we've endeavored to design and manufacture industry-leading products that set the bar in terms of precision, performance, and reliability. We don't bring a product to market until it's the best, and we stand behind all of our products.

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Science and Technology


Steve Sims discovered his passion early in life - with an engineers mind and a very complex and difficult set of problems to solve, he placed his sights on something that few had worked on: vibration reduction, or rather what engineers refer to as ‘decay time modification’.

With over 300 combined man years of knowledge, research and experience in engineering, development, demonstration trials, and examinations on this matter, it would be an understatement to say that he and his team know a thing or two about recoil reduction in a firearm, AND the measured vibrations in a bow!

The materials he used in his products are not compiled of typical rubber variants that other operators use on their products, in this industry.

Variations of Steve’s proprietary NAVCOM commodities have proven to absorb up to 70% of the felt recoil out of some of the biggest shoulder powered firearms produced - and this is no small undertaking!

Steve and his expert team have proceeded to assemble hundreds of products that remedy consumers of these dominating and menacing complications. Steve’s adept visions for innovative improvements have never ceased, and the expansive myriad of prominent problems that have been solved by the ground breaking products he created with his revolutionary corner stone technologies and exclusive materials (that are proprietary to NAVCOM), is extraordinary.

There is no end in sight on the committed and compelling future of what Steve has devised and is still devising. So, when you own a Limbsaver product, you know that you are using an exceptional piece of technology that is much improved, made of the highest quality, distinctly unique and a cut above the rest.

Technologically advanced;
tested, proven and trusted by professionals, experts and authorities;
praised and loved by consumers!

We are proud to support the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR), America’s leading coalition of outdoor recreation trade associations and organizations working to promote the growth of the outdoor recreation economy and outdoor recreation activities.


Made in America

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