Active Duty Military, Veterans,
Law Enforcement and First Responders

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In appreciation of your service, we offer a special discount program to all active, reservist, veteran, retired US military personnel, city, state, federal law enforcement, healthcare, first responders, school teachers, and the spouses and dependents of these heroes. We have always felt that personnel serving or have served this country deserve our tremendous respect and deepest gratitude. Many have sacrificed all, the unthinkable, for our great nation and fellow Americans' safety, security, and freedom.

As a humble token of our appreciation, we at LimbSaver are honored to provide you with a special 25% discount program for your service! The entire team at LimbSaver thanks you for your contributions and service.

To receive your 25% discount, please call LimbSaver toll-free at 877-257-2761 (Domestic) or 360-427-6031.

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