Here’s How To Make Your Bow Quieter

The leader in vibration reduction and control. Limbsaver products work in the frequencies generated during the shot.


Proud to support our ladies in the field

Whether competing or spending time in the field, Limbsaver ensures you stand out with options and products to accessorize your archery equipment.

Archery Stabilizers That REALLY work

Featuring a vibration-dampening broadband node and frame, our Ultra-Light Stabilizers are simply loaded with vibration dampening particles that help cut out hand shock, vibration, and noise.


Limb Dampeners

How is Limbsaver able to take the majority of the shock out of the bow? It’s not just the shape, but also a proprietary material called NAVCOM which is designed to work right in the frequency range of a bow being shot.


The Next Generation

Limbsaver has long been a supporter of our youth in carrying the torch into the future with lots of products that will help accessorize your younger one’s bows. Take a look!


Every Shot Counts

You've got to make every arrow count to be a winner.
Check out our full line of Archery target bow dampeners.


Hardcore meets hardcore

No matter where you go, or what you hunt. Your equipment has to be up to the challenge. Limbsaver has been dominating vibration control in your bow for over 20 years. Check out our new stabilizers.
Nothing else even comes close.