The Biggest
& the Baddest
With LimbSaver Technology

Our Crossbow Accessories work on all high-tech crossbows.


Twistlox Crossbow Limb Dampeners

Made durable to withstand the extreme torque and
power from high-powered crossbows.


Check out LimbSaver’s Crossbow Kits

Our Crossbow Kits are engineered to dampen unwanted noise and vibration. Add all of our kits and see the REAL effect.

is the new Deadly

Attack vibration and noise at the core.
Jumping the string is a thing of the past.

Take the shot

Crossbow Limbs last longer using LimbSaver Dampeners.

LimbSaver Accuracy

As The Crossbow Industry grows, so does LimbSaver’s ability to serve you. With a full line of dampeners, your crossbow has less shock and vibration during the shot.


Check out LimbSaver’s Crossbow Slings

The very first crossbow slings to ever have a handle.
Carry your crossbow for longer periods in the field.