LimbSaver TACTICAL Recoil Pads

Comes with rapid-fire technology built in.

Designed specifically for the AR platform and snaps on in minutes.

Empty the whole clip without the fear of recoil and less muzzle jump.
Reduces up to 70% of the felt recoil.


Our Classic and AirTech Recoil Pads Install in minutes. Plug & Play, they fit shotguns, rifles and muzzle loaders.


Slips over the end of your stock for dead-simple installation. Reduces up to 70% of the felt recoil. Pick from Classic & AirTech.


Finally a recoil pad specifically designed the AR platform. Attaches in minutes and reduces recoil by up to 70%.


Still looking for the perfect fit? Use our Grind-To_Fit pads and fit the pad specifically to your stock.