TwistLox Crossbow Split Limb Dampener - 4 Pack $19.99

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Suppression: Crossbow TwistLox, designed for split-limb crossbows, are made durable to withstand the extreme torque and power from high-powered crossbows. TwistLox Crossbow Limb Dampeners are configured and tuned to specifically suppress the magnitude of vibration from crossbows. They reduce up to 50% of vibration as well as noise from the limbs, giving you a noticeably smoother and quieter shot.

Easy Installation: These limb suppressors for split limb crossbows securely lock between your limbs without the use of a plastic bracket. Use two or more TwistLox suppressors per limb. No tools required for installation!
*Gaps between limbs must be parallel for proper installation.