Kodiak Air Sling
The Kodiak Air Sling is where intelligent innovation meets common sense and practicality!
Improve Performance
Helps you carry your rifle comfortably in the field for longer periods
Flexible Support
Molds and bends to your body's contours to distribute weight evenly.
The custom adjustable hand grip gives you a completely unique fit.
Here’s what you need to know
about the most advanced firearm sling to ever hit the market!
Significantly More Lightweight
This is made possible by manufacturing our Kodiak AIR Slings from a uniquely exceptional moldable material called NavCom, which LimbSaver is exclusively reputed for utilizing in their high quality products.

Webbed in a stretchable pattern to enhance breathability and assure an enduring level of comfort and ease.

Designed to stay firmly in place on the shoulder. The elimination of shoulder slippage brings greater stability and more control.
Fully Adjustable
Conveniently equipped with a fully adjustable handle, allowing you to determine just the right amount of pressure to ensure complete control of your firearm.  
Easy to Use
Attaching of this grip to your rifle is fast and simple due to an innovative clasp which fits effortlessly through your rifles attachment points.