Our New 2018 Bow Stabilizers

Introducing the S-Coil Pro™ and the LS Hunter Micro Lite™ 

S-Coil™ Pro 4.5"

The brand new S-Coil™ Pro is an enhanced and redesigned version of our popular, classic S-Coil.

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LS Hunter™ Micro Lite 7"

The perfect stabilizer for hunters who want to keep their bow as light as possible.

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LS Hunter™ Bow Stabilizers

Over a decade of development has gone into the LS Hunter line to produce state-of-the-art stabilizers using top-of-the-line materials. 

LS Hunter™ 9.5"

The new standard in hunting stabilizers. Removable Broadband Enhancer neutralizes vibration over a wide frequency range.

LS Hunter™ Pro 7.5" | 10"

For hunters who wish to require maximum customization, the LS Hunter Pro comes in 2 lengths with removable weights.

LS Hunter™ Micro 8" | 9.5"

This streamlined, small-diameter, weight-forward stabilizer gives you the same benefits as the Pro in a more compact design.

LS Hunter™ Lite 7"

Utilizes the same core dampening technology of all LS Hunter stabilizers, but in an extremely lightweight, affordable package.

S-Coil Bow Stabilizers

With over a million sold, the S-Coil Bow Stabilizer is recognized by archers around the globe for it's tried & true performance on the range and in the field.

HD S-Coil 4.5"

Independently isolates and dampens a wide range of vibration frequencies for a noticeably smoother feel and quieter shot. 

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S-Coil 4.5"

Popular with hunters and youth archers alike, the S-Coil is our best selling stabilizer ever.

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Mini S-Coil 3.5"

It's short length and minimal weight is ideal for bow cases or other tight spots.

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LS Target Carbon Bow Stabilizers

Our target carbon bow stabilizers are the pinnicle of design and manufacturing excellence for the most discerning target archer.

LS Target Carbon Bow Stabilizer 8" - 34"

Internal vibration dampening makes these the most vibration-free target stabilizers on the market. High modulus, unidirectional 5/8 inch diameter carbon fiber reduces stabilizer whip for better accuracy and stability. The shooter will notice quicker settling time.

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