Precision fit Recoil Pads
This Limbsaver Precision Fit Recoil pad operates like no other ever developed, or accessible to the market!
The Highest Efficiency Ever
Through more than 20 years of engineering growth and advanced testing practices,
LimbSaver has refined and produced some of the highest efficiency recoil pads ever.
This Massively Reduces Vibration
Regardless of what type of gun we put in front of it, the results are the same - it reduces recoil of up to a whopping 70 percent!

This thing works, no matter if you’re chambering a 50 BMG, a 375 CheyTac or a 300 Ultra Mag, or you’re looking to add protection to your young shooters skeletal frame, these LimbSaver recoil pads truly work!

When fired, a gun exudes a sharp, abrupt and intense jolt that radiates throughout your shoulder, the shoulder joint, the arm and then throughout body as a whole.

When fierce recoil shudder collides with Limbsavers exceptional air chambered recoil pad, it absorbs the harsh vibration of the firing strike, slows it down, reduces it significantly and therein moves it out and away from your body.   
These recoil pads are not comprised of a rubber, as other types of recoil pads are, instead they are integrated with a unique proprietary material called NavCom (noise and vibration control material). The NavCom material is softer to the feel, and it works right in the resident vibration shock generated by recoil. The second part is a series of air chambers that efficiently remove the highest percentage of the felt recoil. This pad is very effective at taking recoil away. The Precision Fit recoil pads come in two styles, the Classic and the Airtech; both styles have the same technology inside, they just have differing appearances.  
Get The Right Fit
To get the right recoil pad fit, look for the right pad option for your firearm type on our Recoil Pad Fitting Page.

If you don’t see your firearm listed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that another pad from another firearm won’t fit successfully. Simply print out the PDF template and physically set the butt of your gun to the template until you find one that is close to the shape and size required. If you look through all the templates and cannot find a recoil pad that matches to your firearm stock, then look at the the Slip On or the Grind To Fit recoil pads, because they’ll fit on nearly any firearm.

Shoot straight with less recoil with the recoil pads from Limbsaver!