AirTech – Dominating the Competition

For over a decade, LimbSaver has been producing some of the best quality felt-recoil-reduction products in the world. First, they came out with their fantastic line of Classic precision-fit and slip-on recoil pads, and then in 2014 they completely rocked the industry when they introduced their all-new line of AirTech Recoil Pads. Their original line of recoil pads was the best-performing recoil pad in the world, and helped them to become the most used and highest rated pad on the market. The AirTech line actually took the performance of the classic pads to a whole new level, thanks to some clever engineering and improved designs.

Fast forward to the end of 2016 and it’s been proven that the AirTech line absolutely blows the competition away time, after time, after time. Still, other brands can’t help but claim that they have the best technology, some even claim to beat LimbSaver hands-down, with charts and graphs available online that show that their respective technology… But, how are they coming to this conclusion? Is it just pure make-believe? Or does their product actually have what it takes to compete with the AirTech Recoil Pad? *Spoiler Alert* (Yep, it’s just make-believe and nope, their products don’t work as advertised, and they definitelydon’t come close to comparing to the AirTech Recoil Pads.)

Here is Jonathan Seil, the lead engineer at LimbSaver, testing the AirTech Recoil Pad against one of the leading manufacturer’s recoil pads, we won’t name any names.

When I was just a wee young lad, I had the great privilege of learning to shoot using my father’s black powder rifle. I remember the distinctive *crack* that the rifle made when the round was launched downrange, the smell of the smoke it produced, and just how much my shoulder hurt the next day. 

At the scrawny, yet scrappy age of nine or ten, I could recover just as fast as I could get injured. 

But, I’m no longer ten years old… and my weapon of choice has changed significantly over the past thirty years or so.Before I put AirTechs on all my rifles, I really cringed at the thought of spending an entire day with a few of my larger-caliber rifles. But, with the AirTechs installed I don’t have to worry about pain or bruising. In fact, I’ve converted most of my shooting buddies over the using AirTechs, and they love them.Compared to the “other guys” pads, the AirTech wins hands-down, every. single. time. But, don’t take my word for it, get your hands on one and spend a day or two with it and see for yourself just how well they take the pain out of shooting.


-Skip W.

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